Good Times Never Seemed So Good

And so on the day the Patriots officially moved halfway to perfection and the Boston College footballers enjoyed another 24 hours as the No. 2 team in the nation, the Red Sox won their seventh World Series in franchise history. How do New England parents explain to children there was a time when local sports fans endured failure and collapse and actually waited for a rare championship season to unfold?

In October of 2007, the streets of Boston are paved with gold and this week those streets will be packed with the legions of Red Sox Nation, saluting the World Champion Boston Red Sox. Again.”

-Dan Shaughnessy

Full disclosure: we didn’t watch either The Next Iron Chef or Iron Chef: America last night but can you blame us? It’s next year all over again and we’re still beaming.

The Best [Boston Globe]

[Photo: Boston Herald: Stuart Cahill]

Good Times Never Seemed So Good