Giuliani Prefers Geno’s To Pat’s

When Rudy Giuliani visited Philadelphia, his first stop was a visit to Geno’s Steaks. Owner Joe Vento is well known for his tough anti-immigration stance and Giuliani was definitely after the right-wing South Philly crowd on this one:

Giuliani, who met with Vento after ordering a cheesesteak, told reporters during a sidewalk scrum that he wants new arrivals to this country to be required to read, write and speak English if they want to become citizens. “Immigration is wonderful. Immigration is the best thing going for us,” Giuliani said. “We need new people to come here. We need people who are going to inform us, give us new ideas. But people have to do it legally. Illegal immigration is a bad thing. Legal immigration is a wonderful thing.”

Reports indicate that Giuliani didn’t make visits to the Mexican taqueria, Vietnamese sandwich stand or the French-Israeli cafe that happen to share the block with Geno’s. For that matter, he didn’t stop by Pat’s King of Steaks either.

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[Image via Sarah J. Glover / Philadelphia Inquirer]


Giuliani Prefers Geno’s To Pat’s