Funny Lit, Funnier Typos: Between Boutique Cafe & Lounge

Here’s a quickie we noticed while putting Between Boutique Cafe & Lounge’s new menu online. Between, in case you have forgotten, is the not-quite-small, not-quite-large, but-definitely-eclectic plates venue in Wicker Park that aims to wow you with crazy combinations in just the right portions.

The wowing continues with the menu descriptions, if not in the intended manner. We generally tolerate the dessert/desert error, because even though it’s fairly illiterate, it can be conceivably excused as a typo. Not so on the Between website! Describing their “deserts,” Between coos, “Avocado Dream, Between the Sheets Chocolate Cake aren’t just deserts - they are sexy.” First, the sentiment on its own is totally banal. The phrasing is absolutely dreadful, but what pushes it into the comical is the misspelling of desserts (n.b. we fixed the spelling error on the MP menu). Furthermore, ironically, don’t the Gobi or the Sahara or the Taklamakan or the Mojave sound sexier than avocado dream? Our last avocado dream was the pits! And jeebus, how much more painfully obvious could you get than “between the sheets”? Clichés are NOT sexy.

All that said, the sweet potato tartlette with fennel cream, mint oil and a gingersnap crust sounds delicious.

Between Boutique Cafe & Lounge [MenuPages]
Between Boutique Cafe & Lounge [Official Site]

[Photo: the sexxxy Taklamakan desert in NW China, atozjoe/flickr]

Funny Lit, Funnier Typos: Between Boutique Cafe & Lounge