First Look Inside Irving Mill

Irving Mill's elevated dining area, across from the bar.
Irving Mill’s elevated dining area, across from the bar.haha Photo: Melissa Hom

The above will be a vaguely familiar site to anyone who was at Irving Mill’s opening party last night — unless of course you were busy rubbernecking at Benjamin Bratt or trying to snag one of the chicken-liver crostini that were in high demand. When the place opens next Monday, you’ll have less of an issue fighting off Shaggy and Steve Sands for former Gramercy Tavern chef John Schaefer’s Greenmarket-inspired veal-and-ricotta meatballs or his rabbit ragout. Still, on the off chance that competition gets fierce again, you might want to consult the dinner, lunch, and tasting menus beforehand.

Irving Mill, 116 E. 16th St., nr. Irving Pl.; 212-254-1600.
Irving Mill menu
Fall Preview

The bar at Irving Mill; a larger dining area is in the back.haha
First Look Inside Irving Mill