Fantastical Reviews: Al’s Pizza

We recently added Al’s Pizza in Dunning (there’s also one just outside of the city in Norridge) to MenuPages, and honestly did not expect to hear anything on it for quite some time. Well, it turns out, there’s at least one fanatic out there that cannot get enough. If this is a shill, then it’s a totally new form of the art:

i stopped in a place in Norridge Called Al’s pizza For a quick slice not knowing that my life as i knew it was about to change when it comes to pizza, i grabbed a slice of cheese and sausage for 1.50 which i thought that it was a bit cheap, but i see the method behind the madness. it is so good that i ate 8 slices and 2 cans of R C i couldnt believe that i did that, and i think al was too i grabbed a menu as i walk out and found that they have 2 locations and guess what the other one is right by my house. Man was i really happy i told my wife that i tried this pizza and i Had only a couple slices “WINK WINK” and that i wanted her to try it. well one bite and now Als has created a monster we order 2-3 times a week i have tried everything on the menu and only a coupke things on there i didnt care for. AWSOME PLACE try an 18 cheese and sausage they have a coupon 11.95 it comes to 13.03 with tax wow i love this place

We are left breathless by this review (which came in around dinnertime last night) in large part due to the general lack of punctuation. So here they are: ,.,!.,?.–,,!.,!;-.!

Could it really be anywhere near that good? Pizza makes partisans out of the mildest of men, so it’s difficult to tell. Does anyone have a less wild-eyed assessment?

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Fantastical Reviews: Al’s Pizza