Everything We Missed While On Vacation

You stop reading the internet for a few days, and suddenly, you get used to it. Oh well. The most-blogged-about event, by far, was yesterday’s announcement of the Fall 2007 Great Neighborhood Restaurant award winners on LTH, which Mike Sula totally scooped last Friday on the Food Chain, followed today by everyone else. A lot of good places this round, as always, and nary a one will break the bank.

The Chicagoist notes that local favorite Jays (of potato chip fame) has filed for bankruptcy again, while Drive-Thru reminds us that winter is approaching - this is the last week for several Chicago farmers markets. Which makes it just about time for TOC’s Chili-A-Go-Go competition (the third annual!). Entry entails writing into TOC with a 50-word proposal of how you, the cook, will beat reigning champ Titus Ruscitti (his first name is entirely contained within his last time! You can’t beat that, no). The invitation entreats you to include some info about your chili, but obviously the recipe won’t fit inside of fifty words. We guess you’re going to have to be poetic!

Also, Alice Waters was in town, evangelizing about her usual thing, and David Tamarkin has the low-down on pork belly. Why do we like the piece? Aside from the fact that pork belly is so hot right now OMG pork belly, the article comes with pictorial depictions and fat percentage figures for the pork bellies that each of the featured restaurants is serving. The more you know!

[Photo: pork bellies - they are that important, Kevin Ryan/flickr]


Everything We Missed While On Vacation