Earthquake Digest

So the big news outlets aren’t reporting any serious quake-related injuries or damage, which is good, but we think it’s funny to read the man-on-the-street reactions. The Chron hilariously thought to interview a bowling alley employee:

The shaking wasn’t bad enough to knock over bowling pins at the AMF lanes in Milpitas, where two bowling leagues were in mid-play when the earthquake hit.”They were shocked, but they laughed about it afterward,” said an employee who answered the phone at the bowling alley. “They didn’t seem too scared. It was just a little weird. Having an earthquake in a bowling alley is kind of interesting.”

We have to wonder whether one of the San Jose Mercury News reporters was already stationed at a son or daughter’s middle-school band recital when the tremblor hit:

At Spangenberg Auditorium in Palo Alto, the Jordan Middle School Symphonic Band kept right on playing “Estampie” by W. Francis McBeth when the earthquake struck in the middle of a concert.”They didn’t tell us to stop,” said clarinetist Zoe Greene, 13, with a shrug.”I knew the lights wouldn’t fall because of the safety cords, but I was worried about the curtain” said Chloe Koseff, another 13-year-old clarinet player whose knowledge of stage lighting safety procedures comes from her role as stage manager for the school’s theater productions.Band conductor Vivian Boudreaux-Mikasa kept the group right on tempo during the shaking. “At first I thought it was the wind blowing outside,” she said. “If it had gone on any longer, I would have told them to duck and cover.”Had the quake struck half an hour later, the music would have been more appropriate: John Higgins’ “Habitat (Visions of a Fragile Planet)”.

But our favorite by far was this, from Camper English’s Alcademics blog:

We just had a very long duration earthquake here in San Francisco, and I instinctively ran to the liquor cabinet to protect anything from falling out.Sad, but true.

Ah, Camper, we’re glad you have your priorities straight, as they’re approximately our priorities, too.

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Earthquake Digest