Distasteful Events: Mad River’s ‘Sexiest Female’

So we got an email from Mad River, informing us that there is to be a contest for “sexiest female” on Halloween with a $500 cash prize. We were all ready to be self-righteous about how unfortunate this is, especially with respect to the poor use of the word “female,” which refers to biological sex, and not gender. We were going to talk about how pre-op F2M transsexuals should flood the place and demand entrance to the competition, with hilarity and heartbreak ensuing.

But then we went to the website and noted a subtle difference in phrasing: “sexiest female costume.” Well, now we have no idea what the constraints of the competition are. Can anyone dressed like a sexy woman enter? While such an event would seem more fit for Hamburger Mary’s than for Mad River, they’re busy doing John Carpenter’s Halloween set to The Carpenters, in cabaret form! (Actually, they’re also holding a costume contest, but we can’t imagine the rules being very structured.)

Of course, we know exactly what they mean by the contest rules, and we know exactly who’s going to vote, and we know that it probably won’t be all that sexy (since the winner will inevitably be a cliché). But consider the following: the $500 cash prize for sexiest female is dwarfed by the $1000 cash prize for a trivia contest beginning next month. Alas, the brains money has to be split among the teammates, while the boobs money will only go to one ogled female.

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[Photo: clearly the sexiest female, Elrosth]

Distasteful Events: Mad River’s ‘Sexiest Female’