D. Freeman vs. A. Platt; Ditch Your Topps Meat

For the first time Danyelle Freeman is one step behind Adam Platt in her review choice, and she matches his star selection for Accademia di Vino. [NYDN]
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Blue Ribbon at Six Columbus is expected to open in a couple of weeks. [Eater]
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Hung offers insight into DiSpirito’s comment that the Top Chef contestant reminds him of himself: “He’s confident, he’s cocky, he’s good looking … his technique is on, his flavor profile is my kind of food. I respect him a lot.” [Eat for Victory/VV]

Get excited for fall! Here are the eight most fattening foods to look out for. [MSNBC]

It’s mostly out-of-towners who agree with Bruni that sidewalk dining in the city sucks; “the majority of New York diners aren’t prissy wilting flowers, requiring a protected air-conditioned cave in which to separate themselves from this great city while they enjoy a meal,” one commenter says. [Diner’s Journal/NYT]

The Feds say the U.S. has safe beef, but New York is more cautious: The city’s Health Department suggested yesterday throwing away any Topps ground beef. [AP via Philadelphia Inquirer]

D. Freeman vs. A. Platt; Ditch Your Topps Meat