Coming Soon: The Green Fairy

The Beantown Bloggery is reporting that in a mere month, absinthe will be available in the Hub! The green liquor has been banned in the United States since 1912, as the wormwood (and the chemical thujone contained within) are believed to cause everything from hallucinations to psychosis. While most countries have relaxed their bans on absinthe, the United States continues to enforce it (absinthe: the inverse death penalty). So how, exactly, is it coming to Boston?

It turns out that a New York based company has figured out a way to make absinthe that involves only a trace of thujone. This absinthe, Lucid, has been on the market for a few months in New York where, the New York Times reports, it has made its way onto cocktail menus across the city. Lucid is currently only available in New York, New Jersey and Illinois, but on November 2, certain Boston retailers will start stocking Lucid.

Personally, we’re not that pumped for the return of absinthe, as we don’t like liquids that taste like licorice. But if you enjoy ritualistic drink preparations, neon colors, and/or pretending you’re Oscar Wilde, you should probably start getting pumped for November 2.

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[Photo: Eric Litton]


Coming Soon: The Green Fairy