Clarification: Mac Kelly’s Greens n’ Things

Here at MenuPages, we’re in the midst of a major menu update for the fall season. We suspect that seeing it through is even more important than blogging! But anyway, we are making discoveries left and right. For example, we’ve definitively cleared up the mystery of Mac Kelly’s Greens n’ Things.

Oh, yeah, don’t act like you don’t know what we’re talking about. If you’ve ever searched for MKGnT, you’ll know that a bewildering array of locations result, where phone numbers and addresses mate in some sort of sick, pandrogynous orgy. How to get your healthy Loop catering on if you don’t know what’s what? Because Mac Kelly does not deign to provide us humans with a clearinghouse website, we will have to do it for them.

The four Loop locations of Mac Kelly Greens n’ Things are: 123 W Madison St (312-214-6401), 216 W Jackson St (312-346-8072), 111 E Wacker Dr (312-540-0071), and 177 N Wells St (312-899-9022).

Wow, aren’t you completely relieved now? Finally, after years of struggling in vain to understand the scope of the Mac Kelly empire, you can move on with your life. Maybe go to trade school? Or adopt a kitten!

At any rate, we recommend calling the Wacker location during the early morning hours, when you might get in touch with Brian, an owner. Otherwise, it’s pretty much hit or miss. Best of luck!

[Photo: from a fax they sent us. See, everyone’s confused!]


Clarification: Mac Kelly’s Greens n’ Things