Chodorow’s Got Big, Big Plans; Aaron Sanchez Has an Enemy

Jeffrey Chodorow is devising a new megarestaurant for a 15,000-square-foot double-decker space in the Empire Hotel at Broadway and 63rd Street. In other news, Frank Bruni has already given it zero stars. [NYP]

Our pal Aaron Sanchez barely avoided being cut on the Next Iron Chef since according to Bourdain, Alton “Knowlton seems not to have disclosed a prior schoolyard incident with a young Aaron ‘El Guapo’ Sanchez — in which Sanchez (it would appear) bullied him mercilessly. He seemed unnaturally eager to send him packing.” [Ruhlman]

Williamsburg’s Hasidic community has its own street-food truck, but you too can buy the kosher grub. [Eat for Victory/VV]

The Duke senior cooking avant-garde dinners in his dorm room is getting flak from authorities who “are looking into him very carefully right now,” because his operation lacks proper permits. “It sure looks like he’s running a restaurant. He’s getting reviews up and down the East Coast.” And for this they want to punish him? [NYO]

New York has been ranked as the fourth best party city in the country by Maxim, thanks to our 66 strip clubs and 88 modeling agencies. [NYP]

East Village Zeitgeist moment 3,302: CBGB’s space has just been leased by John Varvatos, who will turn it into a boutique. [NYP]

The truth comes out: Topps cut corners in order to meet the summer demand for ground beef, including reducing its microbial testing. [NYT]

Chodorow’s Got Big, Big Plans; Aaron Sanchez Has an Enemy