British Cattle Are Coming To Disease You!

Yes, Slate, we had noticed that Britain has an awful lot of cattle disease. Thank you for the topical Explainer, which dissected the phenomenon thusly:

1) Cows eat airplane garbage, and Britain gets airplanes from a lot of dirty places

2) Britain has better cattle monitoring protocols than other countries, and a loud press

3-4) Bad luck

Okay, sounds reasonable. Except for 1). Blech!

What’s Wrong With British Cattle? [Slate]

[Photo: “The outer surface of the bluetongue virus particle, showing VP2 (red) and VP5 (yellow). (combined cryo-electron microscope reconstruction and atomic model),” yo. IAH]

p.s. we wanted to run a photo of a cow with bluetongue, but the censors wouldn’t let us. Consider yourselves lucky.

British Cattle Are Coming To Disease You!