Blog Reviews: Week Of Shakeups At The Reader

• People seem to be warming to Double Li in Chinatown, which delivers fresh Szechuan food to the less-initiated [Food Chain]

• Apparently, it’s worth suffering through poor service and screaming children at Ed Debevic’s to dessert on a pint-sized version of the restaurants sundae [Drive-Thru]

• What’s vegan when it doesn’t even have to be? The chocolate cupcakes at Lovely Bake Shop, until you add the frosting [Drive-Thru]

• Okay, so the pannenkoeken at Pannenkoeken Cafe is pretty tasty, but service is for hunger! [The Stew]

• Purveyor of the namesake Salvadorian pocket snack Pupuseria Las Delicias has moved to bigger digs, but the pupusas are still rockin’ [Food Chain]

• Not really a review, but guess what - Southport Grocery & Cafe has an online grocery now. Useful! [Chicagoist]

• So far, innovate Thai breakfast/lunch joint Thai Urban Kitchen (TUK), of Ogilvie Transportation Center, stands largely empty. Come on, commuters, be adventurous! [The Stew]

[Photo: the editors’ last meal?]


Blog Reviews: Week Of Shakeups At The Reader