Blog Reviews: Week Of Schwa Closing Unexpectedly

Chicago’s intrepid food bloggers were all over the damn place last week, in alphabetical order by restaurant

• Even though it’s no longer warm, year-round ice cream purveyors like Bobtail Ice Cream Co. need to stay relevant: enter seasonal flavors like pumpkin, and “steamers,” hot milk over ice cream. Mmm, confusing [TOC Blog]

• Up in Irving Park and craving Puerto Rican or Cuban food? At Cafe Borincuba, both desires can be satisfied - maybe they’ll even publish their phone number soon! [Food Chain]

• David Tamarkin mourns the loss of breakfast at Custom House; apparently, it offered the best bacon in Chicago [TOC Blog]

• Hermosa Mexican restaurant La Encantada is totally on the curve with chipotle sweet potatoes and plantain enchaladas. Plus, full liquor license! [Drive-Thru]

• Could the best ceviche in Chicago be at a little Mexican restaurant in East Rogers Park called Sabor Michoacan? Misty Tosh, who just spent a summer on a boat by the Baja, seems to think so [Big Sweet Tooth]

• Is Southport Grocery & Cafe good for kids? It does have a children’s menu, but you’re almost better off slipping the tyke a bite of yours [Chicagoist]

• Fresh peppers and an authentic attitude make new Craigin sandwich shop Torpedo’s Subs and More a winner in KPang’s book [The Stew]

[Photo: our paean to ә…er, Schwa]


Blog Reviews: Week Of Schwa Closing Unexpectedly