Blog Reviews: Week Of Nobody Voting

Chicago’s intrepid food bloggers were all over the damn place last week, in alphabetical order by restaurant

• New Bin 36-related Italian A Mano has the kitchen in the center, producing delicious-looking food that you can see if you click through [Chicagoist]

• Lest you believe there’s no Afghan food in Chicago, the eponymous Afghan Restaurant proves (deliciously) otherwise [Big Sweet Tooth]

• Is Alice & Friends the best mostly vegan restaurant in Chicago? Try their how-can-that-not-be-made-out-of-animal flesh entrees and see for yourself [Chicago Foodies]

• How’s the food and service at Jackson Park’s Marina Cafe? Great, right? Not so much, no [Chicagoist]

• Can both novices and foodies enjoy the sometimes-haute Mexican food at MEXX Kitchen At The Whiskey? Probably - also, tequila helps [The Stew]

• So far, critics are of the opinion that Old Town Brasserie is “plate-lickin’” good [The Stew]

• Clearly the winner in terms of volume of reviews, Pastoral is exciting the Loop with its high-end sandwiches and artisanal cheese selection [Food Chain, Stew]

• To no one’s surprise, the recommended “Kobe” burger at Rockit Bar & Grill falls short of expectations, which were low to begin with [Chicago Burger Project]

• Good food, great service at Tweet for brunch [Drive-Thru]

• Mike Nagrant was thrilled to discover that Village Restaurant, an IndoPak near his residence in the West Loop, serves food that is 1) good and 2) spicy. Such a syzygy is infrequent south of Devon [Hungry Magazine]

[Photo: ooh, commentary! Skewgee/flickr]


Blog Reviews: Week Of Nobody Voting