Blog Reviews: Top Chef Hysteria

Chicago’s intrepid food bloggers were all over the damn place last week, in alphabetical order by restaurant

• Exploding into existence from behind a storefront, Cocina Cocula serves up some mean chilaquiles (hold the iceberg lettuce, please) [Chicagoist]

• Uh oh, hipster barbecue time at Honky Tonk; it was good when they were catering parties, and it’s good in Pilsen [The Stew]

• Whoa, the burger at Hot Chocolate is like a “burger topped with a breakfast sandwich…” That is amazing! Chips in lieu of fries, not so much [Chicago Burger Project]

• The sports bar atmosphere at Il Fiasco is a drag, but boy, can they make a consistent Neapolitan-style pizza [Big Sweet Tooth]

• Tasty enough to deserve a whole post, the heirloom squash ice cream with cranberry sorbet and apple cider semifreddo at Lula Cafe is like “Thanksgiving in a bowl.” Word [Drive-Thru]

• The gelato and panini at Piccolo are as good as the atmosphere is uninviting. No liquor license or BYO? WTF! [Chicagoist]

• Even though Potbelly is an increasingly ubiquitous (and therefore decreasingly special) chain, it still makes a mean malt, anywhere you want to be (including Hyde Park) [Chicago Burger Project]

• Wait, is it really possible that the best falafel in Chicago’s at Salam in Albany Park? Only one way to find out… [Big Sweet Tooth]

• As we mentioned last week, KPang returned to TABLE fifty-two following its plug on Oprah, and found it so overbooked that he recommended you try lunch, instead [The Stew]

[Photo: poor Dale, Bravo/MySpace]

Blog Reviews: Top Chef Hysteria