Blog Reviews: The Week Of Everything* Closing

Chicago’s intrepid food bloggers were all over the damn place last week (not really; more places closed than were reviewed), in alphabetical order by restaurant

(* Mulan, Dodo, Butter, Saxby’s Coffee, Clark Market)

Argo Tea has some new vegan muffins going on. A staffer says they’re better than the original, and we think that’s more than plausible (vegan baked goods - so savory!) [Drive-Thru]

• Despite its high ranking in the classic burger category, the offerings at Jury’s really fall short - nothing came cooked as requested, the ingredients tasted off, and the sides were from hunger. Next! [Chicago Burger Project]

• Brand-new River North Italian La Madia got right up to speed with its service, and the appetizers were good, but the pizzas didn’t seem to have the same spark of the rest of the new wave of pizza places [The Stew]

[Photo: wigfurs/flickr]


Blog Reviews: The Week Of Everything* Closing