Avoid Dirty Restaurants!

In August, we mentioned the fact that Boston offered no good way to access restaurant health inspection data. Now, almost two months later, Brighton Centered brings the news that the new online system is up and running.

The new site, adorably/bewilderingly named “The Mayor’s Food Court”, allows city residents to search for any restaurant within the city limits and see the results of its most recent health inspection. The search engine doesn’t seem to be operating at full potential just yet. When we searched for JP Licks, only the Brigham Circle location came up (it passed its two most recent inspections, by the by) and when we clicked on the most recent inspection date, this message popped up: “There are no voilations for this inspection.” Perhaps more useful is the tool that allows users to see which restaurants have been temporarily closed by the Health Inspections Division in the past 30, 60, or 90 days.

Wanna Avoid Restaurants That Were Recently Shut Due to Health Code Violations? [Brighton Centered]
Mayor’s Food Court [Division of Health Inspections]

[Photo: Centers for Disease Control]


Avoid Dirty Restaurants!