The Other Critics

One Star and Thirteen Recommended Dishes for Centro Vinoteca; BLT Market Takes Its Lumps

Another somewhat capricious Frank Bruni review: He gives Centro Vinoteca one star, praising nearly everything he ate (there are thirteen recommended dishes) but complaining about the noise and crowds on the first floor and presumably on that basis withholding a second star. [NYT]

Danyelle Freeman is so not impressed with BLT Market. According to her, the ingredients themselves aren’t even that good! But she likes the place enough to give it two stars anyway. [NYDN]

The usually harder-to-please Alan Richman, on the other hand, had a much higher estimation of the place, except for the part about it smelling like shit. But that, he hopes, will pass with the warm weather. [Bloomberg]

Peter Meehan has one of his best reviews in a while, a descriptive appreciation of Elmhurst’s Nusara, a Thai restaurant the bold Meehan can really get behind: “Ask for it spicy at Nusara, and it will be spicy; ask for exotic, and it will be exotic, piping hot and maybe drenched in blood.” [NYT]

Ryan Sutton hits Omido and Graffiti, two new, very trendy-sounding places, one a Times Square sushi place and the other yet another dessert bar, and likes neither of them that much. [Bloomberg]

Paul Adams goes deep, as is his wont, in his very positive review of Crave Ceviche Bar, getting into loving and lingering detail over food he finds enlightening. [NYS]

The Observer gives Doree Shafrir a crack at reviewing, and she delivers with a funny sociological take on L’Epicerie, a Brooklyn BYO dinner party with “downright delicious” food.[NYO]

One Star and Thirteen Recommended Dishes for Centro Vinoteca; BLT Market Takes