And the Winner Is….

Curse our going home at the end of the day! We missed an important piece of late-breaking news. As the ever-vigilant Normal pointed out on our last post, the winners of the first-ever Oakland Grilled Cheese Invitational were announced yesterday evening.

Right about the time of the announcement, we were drinking pints of Budweiser on an empty stomach and wishing with all our hearts that some form of warm, bread-y, cheesy sustenance would magically appear before us. A contest-winning sandwich would have been just the thing, thank you, but alas, we settled for lukewarm pizza and can now only gaze at more contest photos and salivate.

Congratulations, Kathasaurus and Bustin, who picked up a score of 29.8 with their “queijo grelhado velho liso.” Please look us up the next time you’re cooking.

Official Results for the First Annual Oakland Regional Grilled Cheese Invitational [Grilledcheeseinvitational]

Photo Credit: Katie

And the Winner Is….