Welcome Back, Music Schools*!

It’s that time of the year again. College students are returning to the Hub in full force and though they can drive full-time Bostonians a little nuts, they make the city more energetic, so let’s welcome them, shall we? We’ll be offering a series of posts for various colleges over the next week, highlighting our top picks for delivery, study break spots, hangover food, and dining on a parent’s dime. First up today are New England Conservatory, Boston Conservatory, and Berklee College of Music, all of which recently started their first-year orientations.

Boston’s artistic scene is one of the city’s greatest strengths. We have great theatres, top-rate symphonies, three excellent museums, and a stellar ballet company. Given this embarrassment of cultural riches, it makes sense that the city also contains several excellent colleges of the arts. Conveniently for our purposes (and also for the purposes of the Pro Arts Consortium, at least for Boston Conservatory and Berklee), Boston’s three music schools are located within a few minutes of each other and within a fine area for good eating. Below, our picks for the four major college food groups in the music schools area.

Delivery: On the nights where you can’t break from rehearsal long enough to grab takeout, call Pad Thai Cafe. The titular dish is exemplary, as are slightly less iconic specials like kimchi fried rice.

Study Break Snacks: Sometimes a coffee and pastry will suffice for a mid-cramming treat. Sometimes, however, theory classes have you so worn down that extra fortification is necessary. When those days arise, make a beeline for Our House East for some extra-comforting bar food. Mozzarella sticks might not be the absolute best thing for your voice but, hey, desperate times call for desperate measures, right?

Hangover Food: True, the prices at Little Stevie’s Pizza have gone up since our own days going to school in the area, but the slices are still huge and completely and totally addictive. Nurse a giant slice of cheese pizza (really, we’d shy away from toppings) and a few cups of soda and maybe play a little pinball. You’ll be back to yourself in no time.

On Your Parents’ Dime: Let’s face facts here. Not only are you currently a college student (and thus, part of a group not necessarily known for high rolling), but you’re planning to devote your life to the arts, a decision that is both incredibly rewarding on a spiritual level and highly frustrating from a financial standpoint. What we’re trying to say is this: any time you have the opportunity to have a really good meal, you should seize it. Next time your parents are in town, make a reservation at Summer Shack. Slurp down oysters, scarf down lobster, maybe even eat dessert, and make sure to take the leftovers home.

*: For what it’s worth, we know that Boston Conservatory is more than just a music school. We’re just simplifying for headlines’ sake.

[Photo: Mountain Metal Arts]

Welcome Back, Music Schools*!