Welcome Back, Colleges Of The Fenway!

It’s that time of the year again. College students are about to return to the Hub in full force and though they can drive full-time Bostonians a little nuts, they make the city more energetic, so let’s welcome them, shall we? We’ll be offering a series of posts for various colleges over the next week, highlighting our top picks for delivery, study break spots, hangover food, and dining on a parent’s dime. Next up are Massachusetts College of Pharmacy and Health Science, Simmons, Wheelock, Emmanuel, MassArt, and School of the Museum of Fine Arts, all of which recently started their first-year orientations.

Although Fenway Park is what most non-Bostonians think of when they hear the word “Fenway”, the Fenway neighborhood is actually one of Boston’s more charming areas. The Fens is gorgeous (although we’d recommend avoiding it at night unless you’re a Fen Man) and the side streets (especially near Park Drive) are filled with excellent restaurants. Fenway is also chock-full of colleges. There are six separate schools within blocks of each other, making for quite a lively atmosphere. Students at the Colleges of the Fenway are lucky enough to have plenty of good options for both socializing and eating. Let’s take a look at the best of the latter.

Delivery: Many of Boston’s foodies argue that Brown Sugar Cafe has the best Thai food in the city. The food is stellar, the prices are right and they deliver until 10:00 (11 on weekends). What more could the collegiate Bostonian want?

Study Break Snacks: Listen, we’ve all been there. You figured that it wasn’t that big of a deal that you’ve only been visiting your Monday/Wednesday/Friday class once a week and it wasn’t, really, until you started studying for the final and realized you were hopelessly behind. Soothe your rapidly growing panic with a treat in the calming environs of the Gardner Cafe, conveniently located in the museum’s courtyard.

Hangover Food: Trust us: unless you have eaten a taco whilst nursing a pounding headache and mutinous stomach, you have not realized the full power of the tortilla-ed treat. Drag yourself out of bed and make your way down Boylston to La Verdad and fully stuff your face with their reasonably priced tacos. If you feel the need for some hair of the dog, the margaritas are, by all accounts, fantastic as well.

On Your Parents’ Dime: Perhaps because it has such a high concentration of broke college students, Fenway isn’t exactly known for its fine dining. Great Bay is, however, within reasonable walking distance of campus, and has some of Boston’s best seafood. Go ahead! Order the lobster!

Welcome Back, Colleges Of The Fenway!