Weekend Recap: We Are Marshall

• Michael Bauer eschewed the city for his weekend review, instead opting for the trek to Nick’s Cove in Marshall (population 50; just south of Bodega Bay). The new seafood-centric restaurant, “painstakingly re-created” by the folks behind Farallon, impresses Bauer to the tune of three stars, but he worries that it may succumb to the “tourist-view virus that compromises most restaurants along the coast.” [SFGate]

• Before you know it, autumn will be here and the cravings for warm comfort food will be louder than the roar of the Candlestick crowd, so to get you started, Citysearch presents a quintet of San Francisco’s mac-and-cheese destinations. [Citysearch]

• Some ideas for eating a nice lunch at a dining room’s bar. [Chowhound]

• Jennifer Jeffrey and Andrea Froncillo (he of Stinking Rose fame) teamed up to write another cookbook, this time about crabs. [SFist]

• Have you ever wondered where founders of new sake brands nourish themselves during their product launches? Wonder no longer: the Sunday Chron answered just that inquiry. [SFGate]

Weekend Recap: We Are Marshall