Weekend Recap: Bahn Mi Battles

While you were busy grilling the weekend away, plenty happened in the local food world 

• There’s a bit of a bahn mi war going on in the Tenderloin. The longtime champ, Saigon Sandwiches, is apparently losing a step while the competition heats up. [All Shook Down]

• Bar Bites’ Laura Compton checked out the “posh and pampered” Four Seasons Bar and Lounge, right next door to Seasons. [SFGate]

• It’s never too early to plan Christmas dinner in San Francisco. [Chowhound]

• We all should have gone into the milk business. Who thought there’d come a day when there would be a “global milk boom.” [NYT]

[Photo courtesy: Flickr]


Weekend Recap: Bahn Mi Battles