Viewing Pleasure: What The Hell Is This?

Okay, that’s misleading. Based on jough [formerly jough]’s testimony, this is a stuffed eggplant dim sum from Chinatown. But that’s also we know. What is it stuffed with? Where is it served? Why is it so unappealing? This critical information is lacking from the flickr page.

A little research indicates that the eggplant (Chinese eggplant, specifically, which are more cylindrical and less tear-shaped than their Western cousins) is almost certainly stuffed with shrimp paste, and then fried. Well, we say not fried enough, because eggplant skin can be so plasticky unless it’s really pummeled with heat, and this specimen still looks pretty fresh. That, we suppose, is our objection. We don’t usually say this, but more fried please!

That takes care of what and why, but we’re left with where. While we can’t be certain, we’ve narrowed our guesses down to Furama, Phoenix, Shui Wah, and Three Happiness. Anyone who writes in with a credible answer gets a pony. If jough [formerly jough] responds, he gets two ponies! Just the heads, though.

[Photo: jough [formerly jough]/flickr]


Viewing Pleasure: What The Hell Is This?