Viewing Pleasure: Hawaiian Snapper @ Red Light

This Hawaiian Snapper lunch entree from Red Light represents something of a mystery. We didn’t see it on our menu, and the menu on Red Light’s website is around 14 months out of date. We called the restaurant up to ask for the freshest, hottest menu they have, and while we were waiting for it to be sent over (we’re still waiting), we asked about the dish. Our very pleasant but self-acknowledged clueless interlocutor told us that Red Light doesn’t serve such a thing, although he couldn’t be sure because he wasn’t as familiar with the menu as the servers.

Should he be? It’s not his job, per se, but he is the restaurant’s de facto face to the world. At least he was nice and honest about it. Our hope is, the snapper was a special on the day that swanksalot ordered it, taking away blame from both the phone guy for not knowing about it and us for not having a record of it.

Looks pretty delicious, though, doesn’t it? You can tell the fish is plump and moist with a bit of crisp around the edges; those vegetables look really fresh and flavorful; and the green color of that sauce does not come out of a can. Based on the price of the other lunchtime fish entrees, this is probably in the neighborhood of $16. If true, it’s not a bad deal at all.

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[Photo: swanksalot/flickr]


Viewing Pleasure: Hawaiian Snapper @ Red Light