Trusting The Tribune: Bluprint, High Holiday Meals, Rediscovering French

This week’s Tribune dining and food sections are studded with solid, interesting pieces. As for the reviews, Phil Vettel really likes bluprint, more for dinner than lunch though. One of the desserts he mentioned, a “mojito Popsicle (which employs a sugar-cane stalk in place of a wooden stick),” shocked and amazed us, even though it doesn’t actually sound all that appealing. Phil also has an article on the “’Ratatouille’ effect,” mapping out the ways in which Generations Y & Z are dipping their toes into the French pantry.

Monica Eng has some good ideas about what you, High Holiday loafer, should do about your lack of traditional foodstuffs. We also understand, via the Dish, that Eleven City Diner is doing Rosh Hashanah dinner tonight, complete with chopped liver and Klezmer music.

Susan Taylor has a feature on cruising at Chicagoland hot dog-type drive-ins. No, we don’t mean the toe-tapping kind: rather, with classic cars, and occasionally, of the European variety, depending on who’s doing the organizing.

And Bill Daley, in an article from four days ago, answered booze questions that we’ve had and wished we had: apparently, wine sometimes contains lactose, or at least lactic acid, and it certainly won’t tell you which on the bottle! Cream-based liqueurs can last four months unrefrigerated! And so forth.

[Photo: why not make one yourself? HSN]


Trusting The Tribune: Bluprint, High Holiday Meals, Rediscovering French