The World’s Worst Chicken Wing Distributor

If we were you, we’d reconsider eating buffalo wings for the time being. It turns out that an enterprising businessman was selling chicken wings to area pizzerias and restaurants… that he processed in his garage:

“It wasn’t a chicken processing plant. It was a garage behind a Philadelphia row home. Inside, a barefoot worker could be seen cutting wings that might have been served up at your favorite restaurant. It was hot. Flies were everywhere. NBC 10’s cameras spotted chicken dropped in the water on a sloppy floor. At one point, the wing was picked up and tossed back in the pile.
“He’s got blood in that water, plus the ice, and it’s just bacteria,” the deliveryman said.
They were chopped down into Buffalo wings, party wings, wingettes and the distributor resold them for a profit.”

An investigation by NBC10 into the illegal chicken wing operation on Northeast Philadelphia’s Tabor Avenue found fly baits on rotting pieces of chicken, fly strips and an utter lack of sanitation and temperature control in the garage where the chicken was stored.

Uhm, ew.

Distributor Found Selling Chicken Wings In Dangerous Way [NBC10]


The World’s Worst Chicken Wing Distributor