The Buzz: Myers + Chang

Welcome to The Buzz, a feature where we look at what the Internet is saying about brand new restaurants. It’s too early for a review, but when has that ever stopped anyone?

We’ve been pretty pumped for Myers + Chang for some time now. flour bakery + cafe is one of our all-time favorite Boston restaurants and we certainly enjoy getting drinks at Via Matta, so Joanne Chang and Christopher Myers seem like a bit of a restaurant dream team. Also, they’re engaged and how cute is that? Answer: not as cute as this, but seriously adorable nonetheless. Strangely, although there was plenty of pre-opening buzz (a DailyCandy mention and several threads on Chowhound), there have been virtually no firsthand reports since it opened a week ago. Nonetheless, we carry on, so let’s take a look at what’s out there so far.

The Good: Yelper Julie C. rather enjoyed her meal. “The food is excellent. Wonderful menu selections and cheap, too. I didn’t spy anything over $15.” In an otherwise unenthusiastic review, Yelp’s Brownstone Betty admitted that “the beef chow fun was excellent.” While it’s obviously far, far, far too early for the Globe to run any type of real review, Dishing’s initial post on the restaurant seems fairly positive, as opposed to, say, their early post on Gaslight.

The Bad: Yelper Stephen S. did not much enjoy his meal: “Was really hoping that this was to be the next great South End dining destination….However, unless you prefer hype and trendy over very good food, this may not be the best bet for Chinese/Asian food. And what seems to be an inexpensive menu, actually becomes quite pricey for Chinese food, because the dishes are small and not great for family style Chinese dining and wine and sake prices are up there. Also only wine and beer, and i so want my martini when hanging with the trendy set!” Brownstone Betty keeps it succinct (and polite!) by noting that other than the aforementioned beef chow fun, she simply “didn’t care for the food.” Finally, even Myers + Chang enthusiast Julie C. had some issues with the Wagamama-esque policy of serving dishes as they’re ready: “I was not expecting to get my noodles almost 30 minutes before my date got hers. The staff was apologetic, and maybe they’re a little short on kitchen help this being the opening week and all, but it was still a downer to what could have been a 4 or 5 star night.”

The…Peculiar: Not one Chowhounder has posted a review yet. Given the near-manic enthusiasm that posters generally have for trying new places ASAP, this seems more than a little strange.

The Buzz: Myers + Chang