The Articles We Missed: So Many Articles!

For this one, we’re rounding up the Tribune, TOC, The Stew, the TOC Blog, and the Chicagoist.

The first order of business is fish taco mania, a campaign by Kevin Pang of the Tribune to introduce that wonderful dish from Baja and Southern California to the restaurants and palates of Chicago (to the extent that they’re not already here). Steve Dahl even chimed in! But have you requested your bracelet yet? Well, too bad! They’re all spoken for. Chuck Sudo didn’t see what all the fuss is about, given that the tacos are available around town, but we think it’s totally fine - and rather fun - that Kevin’s going batsh*t crazy over a random food item.

We could have made Grant Achatz’s so-far-successful battle against oral cancer our top story, but we have a feeling that Mr. Achatz would rather see us going gaga over tacos than fussing about every little detail of his medical treatment. But, hurray for shrinking tumors!

Other fun stuff: Monica Eng has a video how-to guide on eating ssam, the Korean lettuce burrito, starting with the most important part - how to pronounce it (pretend there’s only one ‘s’, and it rhymes with “mom”). And Heather Shouse has an article about crappy and annoying music in restaurants and bars, with an accompanying quiz where you match crappy and annoying music to the restaurants and bars where she heard it. Epicureans, unite!

[Photo: A healthy-looking fish taco, desertculinary/flickr]


The Articles We Missed: So Many Articles!