Testing TOC: Reviews And Openings And Are We Missing The Rest?

Maybe there’s a lot more of this week’s section and we can’t find it, and someone will email us in an hour, pointing out all the glorious articles that we missed. Which is why we’re going to stop checking our inbox for the day as soon as we click “post,” and instead, sing songs in our head about the tapas we’re having for dinner (no, we’re not going to tell you where!)

Anyway, let’s get to what we can see, which is a review, two openings and a feature. The review is for Paramount Room, which David Tamarkin three-of-sixes (yes, it was about time we started to reference the stat system, wasn’t it). As with many gastropubs, the drinks and food were both tasty and satisfying, if not sublime. The restaurant’s co-owner/chef, Stephen Dunne, was also Tamarkin’s bartender and server for the evening, which may or may not happen to if you visit.

As for openings, we’ve got Old Town Brasserie, a piano bar with a pedigree, on the one hand, and Honky Tonk Barbecue, blazing a trail of smoked meats into Pilsen (we have wandered along this trail and never got lost) on the other.

The feature was exciting for us, because it gave us an excuse to make a map:

“Thoz dotz - iz constulayshun?” you say, and you’d be absolutely right. It’s Orion, having taken an arrow out of his belt, readying his bow for battle. Or about to make a cartwheel! Actually, it’s six of the nine locations that David Tamarkin highlights in his article about cursed addresses, where restaurants cycle constantly, seemingly unable to stay open by dint of their berth. Why so many around around the eastern end of the border between Bucktown and Wicker Park? It must mean the rent is cheap and you should move there immediately. Because, also, it’s really close to downtown and has good transit!

[Map: us, with locations provided by DT]

Testing TOC: Reviews And Openings And Are We Missing The Rest?