Tangential But Endearing: When A Burger Is Too Salty

Why is it that so many of our cultural moments take place at McDonald’s? Is it because the chain represents everything good and bad about America (hamburgers and soulless corporatized fast food, respectively)? Or is it because there are thousands of them, and millions of people eat there every day? Yes! Because every so often - and it is rather often - something goes wrong in an otherwise hypersystemitized process, and a customer ends up not “lovin’ it.” It happens often enough that the news media is only alerted when the incident is particularly spectacular, or chortle-inducing, or makes one wonder about the future of Western civilization.

This most recent example hits all three notes at once.

Apparently, in a town near Atlanta, a McDonald’s employee served a cop a burger that she had accidentally oversalted (she and her co-workers tried to remedy this by shaking off the salt to no avail. Was there no garbage can nearby?). The cop claimed to have gotten sick from the burger, confronted the manager, and arrested the employee on misdemeanor charges of reckless conduct. The employee found this specious, since she had tried one of the burgers herself, noting, “’It didn’t make [her] sick,’” and wondered how the cop could have eaten enough of the burger to become ill.

We’re not a lawyer, but how, exactly, did it come to pass that a McDonalds employee who accidentally oversalted a burger ended up in jail with a thousand dollar bond? Is it because…the customer was a cop? This does not pass the fairness test, and is in quite bad taste (pun!) Because otherwise, we’ve paid a lot of money for a lot of salty food over the years, and there are a few hundred people who ought to go to jail for it. Also, our last flight from O’Hare was profoundly delayed - everyone from the ticketing agent to the x-ray people to the radar tower to the flight attendants to the pilots should be incarcerated, and the executives at the airline should probably be executed for willfully orchestrating the whole thing. And then we can build colossal prisons for everyone who’s wronged everyone!

Or, you know, just don’t eat at McDonald’s.

Oversalted Burger Leads to Charges [Tribune]

[Photo: by the way, look how much sodium is in a normal burger! McDonald’s nutrition]


Tangential But Endearing: When A Burger Is Too Salty