StarbucksGate: Down Goes Starbucks! Down Goes Starbucks!

In a shocking upset–that we predicted, thankyouverymuch–the Board of Supervisors blocked the now-infamous Starbucks branch. The denial gives victory to the much-maligned people of the Richmond and marks the first enforcement of the new city law that protects small businesses:

The Board of Supervisors voted 9-1 Tuesday to prohibit Starbucks from moving into the Richmond district at 4041 Geary Blvd., near Fifth Avenue. The Starbucks would have occupied a 750-square-foot space within a new Toyota service center under construction.The Planning Commission had approved a permit June 14 to allow Starbucks to open up for business. Jesse Fink, head of the Clement Street Merchants Association, which represents 30 businesses in the Richmond district, appealed the decision under the new law, which says formula retail businesses — defined as having 11 or more locations nationwide — are to be approved based on “desirability, compatibility and benefit.” Fink said he collected more than 4,000 signatures opposing the permit.

Score one for the little guys, with the hope of more to come. For many, this decision will serve as an indication that the city is serious about preserving the small businesses that make San Francisco what it is. Also, it will undoubtedly serve as a deterrent for future mega-chains looking to invade our fair city.

Now if the city would just do something about that Java House predicament, which isn’t looking nearly as rosy.

S.F. supes shoot down Starbucks proposal [Examiner]

StarbucksGate: Down Goes Starbucks! Down Goes Starbucks!