SF Wine Bars Catch Nation’s Eye

Hotel Biron and Yield Wine Bar were among the San Francisco wine bars profiled in the New York Times Travel article about the city’s most relentless trend:

But in San Francisco, a city known for both its casual culture and obsession with quality food and drink, a visit to a wine bar can be an unpretentious pleasure. The city has long had wine bars — the London Wine Bar, downtown, opened in 1974 and is said to have been the first in the United States. Now, a wave of new wine bars has been opening, often in unexpected neighborhoods.

The curious aspect of the glowing piece on the SF wine bar scene is that the trend is barely a trend anymore. Correct us if we’re wrong, but there was a slight surge in wine bar openings in the springtime, but since and before then, openings have been trickling in steadily. It’s almost as if the wine bar phenomenon found its perfect facilitator in San Francisco, and now it’s here to stay and thrive.

How long must a trend sustain itself before losing its “trendy” status? Will the wine bar movement ever fizzle?

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SF Wine Bars Catch Nation’s Eye