Scanning The Menu: Oysters

Sometimes, you have cravings. We know this. Hence: Scanning the Menu, a new feature where the MenuPages Blog (and our trusty Find-A-Food search) will do all the leg work for you. Every week or so, we’ll highlight a particular crave-worthy dish and illuminate restaurants around the city where you can indulge in it. Suggestions always welcome. Today: oysters.

The passing of Labor Day means the end of summer, which means the arrival of fall, which in turn means … oysters! Before we check out the best raw bars to indulge in the wonders of Ostrea conchaphila, here are some fun facts with which to impress your friends, colleagues and fellow shellfish-lovers.

• Most oysters around the Bay are Pacific oysters that were introduced from Japan.

• Oysters have gills and breathe like fish.

• The maxim that says one must only eat oysters in months that end in “R” is a myth, thanks largely to the advancement in refrigeration technology.

• Oysters have feet.

Now that you have some conversation starters, here are some suggestions for finding the freshest raw oysters in town:

Swan Oyster Depot: The city’s best known hole-in-the-wall is a must for oyster lovers. Wait in line, cram in your seat and slurp ‘em down.

Myth and Farallon: Pretty much the exact opposites of Swan Oyster Depot, Myth and Farallon are upscale seafood meccas perfect for a celebratory, champagne-soaked splurge.

Hog Island Oyster Co: Sitting at the Ferry Building with a cold beer and a plate of icy oysters straight from Hog Island’s farm in Point Reyes = happiness.

Zuni Cafe: If Zuni has it, it’s hard to not recommend it.

Got more suggestions? Let us know!

Scanning The Menu: Oysters