Sashaying By The Sun-Times: Reading & Eating, Pizzaing & Drinking

The funniest part of this week’s Sun-Times section is how much Alpana Singh hates the new wines that are marketed as pizza accompaniments. She mocks one product, Australian Pizza Wine Co’s Pizza Red, in two articles, opining that “It really does wine more harm than good” and “The bottle looks girly … There’s so much residual sugar in this wine that I can’t drink it. It tastes like strawberry Fanta.” Haha yes, we think we will stick with beer (pizza beer?), or, you know, any old red wine would probably be better than this specially designed product from the land Down Under. What do they know about pizza anyway?

The section also unmasked the real reason behind book clubs - not stimulating intellectual discussion, not even the social interaction, but eating and drinking. How elemental! For people who actually read the books they’re supposed to, a quiz wherein you match recipes to the books that inspired them (we didn’t take it since our attention span is too…oh look a pony! It’s galloping through the meadows of our mind. So bucolic.)

And in alphabetical order, meringue, sausage, and yuca. A overly monochromatic palette, we feel, especially since it’s not even fall yet.

[Photo: ponies in a meadow, fruta/flickr]


Sashaying By The Sun-Times: Reading & Eating, Pizzaing & Drinking