Rubbing The Reader The Right Way: Nazarlik

Mike Sula has a loving profile of Ahmet Aksoy and his family, owners and proprietors of Nazarlik. The Aksoys have created what’s essentially a Turkish family dining room that graciously invites in any guest who happens to wander by, and charges far less than what the quality of the food could command. Sula especially goes into detail about the cig kofte-making process - the aforementioned are basically raw meatballs that get chemically cooked, or at least treated, by a tremendous amount of fiery spicing. The cig kofte takes so long to make that, during the week, it needs to be ordered a full day in advanced, but the Aksoys sell it for less than $10 a pound. This means, you should go in and try some as soon as possible. And if you’re feeling skittish about eating raw meat, then you should really reconsider your career as an eater.

But have a good weekend, anyway.

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[Photo: oh yes, it’s made by hand. Not this hand, but similar. Yummy! sadeog/flickr]


Rubbing The Reader The Right Way: Nazarlik