Right This Second On The CFB*: Localvorism, Sausages, Vegan Values

Anyone doing the Localvore challenge? Um, but at least some people are. Namely, the Food Chain, Chicagoist, and TOC, in its own way. What about a challenge where you only eat things made at least 5000 miles away? Harder than it sounds!

In other eating local news, the Greater Midwest Foodways Alliance is having its inaugural meeting soon, as Food Chain and The Stew are reporting. The theme will be sausages and the wider world of encased meats, because such is the region’s heritage. There will be speakers, and certainly food. Robin Mather Jenkins has the best phraseology about the event, dubbing it the “best of the wurst.”

Chicagoist also had a pair of articles on food in our schools. One is about outsourcing nutritious school lunch production to private corporations, thus giving up on real cafeteria reform, and the other is on the plight of a typically overzealous vegan teacher who was fired for haranguing his students, and quit when the school wouldn’t ban meat and meat byproducts. How can you quit when you’ve already been fired? Oh, those wily vegans!

One more thing. We couldn’t help but notice that Drive-Thru’s post on the Shedd Aquarium’s sustainable seafood dinner series hit the ‘net exactly one day after ours did, complete with the same BBC link, even. But it has to be a coincidence, because no one actually reads this.

[*CFB=Chicago Food Blogosphere, and we trust everyone will remember for the next time]


Right This Second On The CFB*: Localvorism, Sausages, Vegan Values