Return of Dévi; It’s the Year of the Deli

After all the hullabaloo over Dévi’s closing, its chefs, Suvir Saran and Hemant Mathur, have purchased the spot and will reopen it next month. [Diner’s Journal/NYT]
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Yolato takes a swing at the fro-yo competition by opening three Manhattan shops this week. [NYS]
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Del Posto’s Nicole Kaplan says it straight: “I don’t really like innovations.” [amNY]

Surprise! It’s the “Year of the Deli” since even “your Waspy cousin Tinsley is just as likely to be noshing on tongue as your old meshuga Uncle Irving.” [NYP]

A Burgundy wine critic responds to the New Yorker feature about counterfeit bottles with the admonition that calling out fraud is used by some as “a mark of connoisseurship.” [The Grinder/Chow]

Bagged salad found with a bit of E. coli seasoning has spurred Dole to recall its packaged lettuce in New York State. [NYP]

Eric Asimov condescends to a feature on cheap wines and comes up with ten recommendations for bottles under $10. [NYT]

Return of Dévi; It’s the Year of the Deli