Philly’s Best Bread?

A modest wholesale bakery in Northeast Philly supplies pastries to some of Philly’s top restaurants. Wild Flower Bakery has a nice little thing going:

In the light of day, on a cafe table at the edge of Rittenhouse Square, the challah roll strikes a pose, clasping in its jaws the 13-ounce Rougeburger, one of the town’s undisputed jefes.And over at the Grill off the rotunda of the Ritz-Carlton, a longer golden roll enfolds the luxe lobster salad, garnished with shaved radish, tomato and pea tendrils.And here and there - perhaps at Ansill or Marigold or Snackbar or other trendy rooms, or the occasional country club, or catered affair or, on Sunday mornings, the farm market at Head House Square - a cheese plate is finished with tiles of sour-cream crackers, baskets bulge with black-olive flatbreads, or an exotic, soy-seasoned, peanut-crusted focaccia may make a memorable debut.

But they’re selling to the public now. Which is a good, good thing. Wild Flower Bakery has a stand at the Head House Farmers’ Market that is open from 10am to 2pm on Sundays.

Top-shelf bread rises first in U. Holmesburg [Inquirer]

[Photo via Inquirer]


Philly’s Best Bread?