Philadelphia CityPaper In A Nutshell (09/13)

• Hey, we might finally be able to rejoin the rest of civilization and be able to buy six packs of beer without going to one of the ten delis in Philly that will let us!

• Good news for the troubled 52nd Street strip. A massive new Caribbean restaurant is opening at 52nd & Walnut. Added bonus: The menu will include Trini classics like macaroni pie and doubles. Also on the world cuisine front, a Paraguayan restaurant (!) is opening in NoLibs.

• Wanna have a mole pizza? Why the heck not.

• Sampling dinner at Honey’s Sit & Eat. “If something is deep fried at Honey’s, you should order it.”

• This Monday, XIX is hosting the Argentina Masters of Food & Wine USA Tour.

Philadelphia CityPaper In A Nutshell (09/13)