Philadelphia Citypaper In A Nutshell (09/06)

• Time for… yet another review of the Silk City Diner.

• The new branch of Tria on 11th & Spruce is just as good as the original edition.

• Inside Ly Michael’s 2.0 now that Billy Wong has taken over and redone it Vietnam-stylee.

• Johnny Brenda’s is about to open a sidewalk cafe — just in time for summer! Oh… wait. Also, Mizu is opening an Old City location.

• It’s Williamsburg beer nerdery in Philly when the Brooklyn Brewery’s Garrett Oliver speaks at Di Bruno’s.

• Aesthetics go wild when the Citypaper rates restaurant uniforms.

• Get that pack of Camel Lights over at Wawa and go wild — Citypaper is listing every bar in Philly you can legally smoke at.

Philadelphia Citypaper In A Nutshell (09/06)