PDT = Please Don’t Teetotal?

Now get drinkin'!
Now get drinkin’!haha Photo:

A formerly hard-partying friend of Grub Street tells us that her new state of sobriety wasn’t exactly greeted with Christian compassion at PDT. When we called the cocktail lounge as civilians to find out whether we’d have problems drinking Cokes there, the hostess hesitantly told us “I don’t think so,” but our bone-dry friend has a different tale to tell:

It was July 29 when we walked into PDT. 9ish. TV on the Radio was playing McCarren Pool in the rain, the East Village was empty and so was the bar. We called ahead and were told that there was more than enough space for two. We ordered quantities of fried food, dogs, a coke and a ginger ale. The waitress came back and told us that the bartender said that if we were not going to drink alcohol that we should order and eat next door. Can they do that? What about that is fair? It’s not like we went off menu. I am appalled and am telling everyone I know to avoid those assholes. What kind of bar refuses a sober person a Coke?

What say you, Grub Street readers? Have the sober among you received equally shabby treatment from a particular establishment? Or do you think our informant should just shut up and drink?

PDT = Please Don’t Teetotal?