PDT Is Totally Cool With Your Sobriety

Earlier today we posted a letter from a reader who claimed that a bartender at PDT banished her to Crif Dogs when she and her date dared to order non-alcoholic drinks with their dinner. But put down those “We’re Here, We’re Sober, Get Used To It” protest posters — a bar manager at PDT wants to clarify their policy on the matter.

PDT has implemented a policy approximately three weeks ago in which to address a situation where food and drink was being brought in from Crif Dogs and large numbers of people were just coming to PDT for the purpose of ordering burgers and dogs (not any drinks, cocktails or otherwise). The policy stands that for people wishing to order food there is a two drink minimum. The two drink minimum can be any drink — bottled water, soda, juice, beer, or cocktails. There is no requirement that it needs to be alcoholic.The reason for this policy became apparent especially on Friday and Saturday nights where large groups of people would sit at tables ordering food and only having tap water or a can of beer and occupying a table for excessive amounts of time. Obviously if the bar is completely empty, this policy can be waived, but will be enforced on Thursday through Saturday nights regardless of capacity.

There you have it — now hoist that OJ high!

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PDT Is Totally Cool With Your Sobriety