Openings: Frisee

Oh goodie.

The Castro has a new casual cafe: Frisee.

Located near the always-fun corner of Market and Castro at 2367 Market St (also known as the former home of the restaurants formerly known as Khun Phoa II, Crave and Malacca), Frisee is the brainchild of Brett and Nathan Niebergall. The salad-centric modern menu consists of a veritable pantheon of organic, sustainable and gourmet ingredients, from biodynamic wines and Acme bread to sushi grade ahi and pistachio-dusted salmon fillets.

Our initial reactions to the menu is that it looks absolutely delicious, but we can’t help wondering if $12 salads will fly in that particular area of the city. After all, it’s not the FiDi, where there are plenty of officegoers ready and willing to shell out the cash for a gourmet salad. Plus, 2367 Market has, thus far, been somewhat of a cursed location.

Thoughts? Will Frisee flourish in the Castro?

Frisee [MenuPages]
Frisee [Official Site]

Openings: Frisee