Opening: Uru-Swati

At the tail end of June, Uru-Swati landed on Earth, somewhere in the vicinity of Devon Avenue.

The magnetic pull of all the other South Asian restaurants must be pretty hard to resist, because this already much-appreciated pure vegetarian Indian fast food/snack shop would have been a fine (and quite possibly finer) addition to many other neighborhoods that lack similar establishments.

But alas, if you want the pure veg, you’ll have to head to 60659. Uru-swati differs from other vegetarian spots like Arya Bhavan, Mysore Woodlands, and Udupi Palace by being as much a snack shop as a full-service restaurant. The entrees run $4.95 to $5.95 (no, that is not a series of typos), and include things you’ll recognize like chana masala, palak peneer, vegetable jalfrezie, and dal makhani. But that’s the top end of the price scale at this place: a “mini meal” (e.g., puri bhaji, paneer roll, falafel sandwich[!]) goes for $4-$4.50, but that’s barely the half of it. “Quick bites” include dosas, chats, puris and pakoras for under $4, although the samosas seem overpriced at $2.50, compared to other snack shops in the strip.

Still, what seems to set Uru-Swati apart (aside from its mission statement, “healing through food”) is the high quality of the food. LTH seems to like it, at least enough for GWiv to post a photo gallery on the subject. All six reviews on Yelp give it a 4/5, which is remarkably concordant. And Chicago Foodies was pretty taken, and won’t they be pleased when they realize that dosas are, in fact, available.

The food at Uru-Swati may not be revolutionary, but we’ll take cheap, consistent and delicious any day. And we certainly wouldn’t mind being healed, either!

Uru-Swati [MenuPages]
Uru-Swati [Official Site]

[Photo: Uru-Swati’s groovy (and religiously significant) logo]


Opening: Uru-Swati