Opening: Star Lounge Cafe

We should point out that, even though Star Lounge Cafe is technically in Ukrainian Village by our reckoning, the new cognoscenti-ready coffee shop is really quite close to Humboldt Park. We mention this because, between the recent openings of CJ’s Eatery, Cosmospolitan, and all those bakeries, things are really hopping out there. And what could be a clearer harbinger of gentrification than a high-end coffee shop, where, as the Dish reports, the espresso beans have their own name (“Dark Star”).

And from those beans, the Star Lounge barristas create a variety of beverages. We don’t bore you with cafes au lait ($2 sm/$2.50 lg), because, like, you can get that at a supermarket these days. More interesting are the “Cosmic Creations,” which include an Almond Roca (traditional latte accented with almond roca, chocolate and caramel flavors; $3.50 sm/$4 lg) and the Meteor Mocha (traditional mocha accented with hazelnut syrup and caramel sauce; same prices). Fact: coffee drinks taste better when they’re spiked with nut essences.

Three other things we like:

• They carry bagels from Lincolnwood’s New York Bagel & Bialy

• They have a kids menu (we don’t like kids, but we recognize that it’s thoughtful of them)

• Wifi!

They’re open every day from 8am to 9pm, so plenty of time to enjoy. Enjoy!

Star Lounge Cafe [MenuPages]

Opening: Star Lounge Cafe