Opening: Bluebird Bistro & Winebar

It took us long enough, to be sure, but herein lies the menu for Bluebird. The critics have really warmed up to the place, citing its non-pretentious atmosphere, reasonable prices, and, oh yes, delicious Spanish-via-New-American-small-plate food.

What should you eat when you go, which by the way can be as late as 2am every day and 3am on Saturdays? It’s just as well that we’re heading towards fall, because the offerings here are on the heartier side. A “Bites” menu includes a paté of chicken liver, pistachio and knackwurst ($7); the “Toasts” menu has a crispy lomo and sun-dried tomato relish ($5; this can somehow be made vegetarian!); the “flatbreads” include a Serrano ham, Manchego cheese and egg option ($11, also can be made vegetarian); entrées like Ambrio Ale-braised rabbit with bacon, mushrooms, shallots and pasta ($14, and the most expensive item on the menu) cannot be made vegetarian, alas.

Anyway, if all that stuff is pulled off correctly (and the reviews make it sound like that’s the case), Bluebird might have a successful formula on their hands.

One more thing, on the wine menu. Everyone’s been talking about how it’s organized by climate and how annoying that is, but you know what? The descriptions are helpful, and the climactic notations are merely subheadings for more standard categories like “whites by the glass” and “reds by the bottle,” anyway. Doesn’t anyone appreciate whimsy anymore?

Bluebird Bistro and Winebar [MenuPages]

Opening: Bluebird Bistro & Winebar