Olives the Nightclub? Bring On an International Box

Todd English may want to get in on the hip parade surrounding La Esquina by opening his own Kenmare spot with nightlife guru Joe Vicari. [NYP]

There’s a rumor that Simon Hammerstein wants to open an international Box and bring his gross anthems to London. [Down by the Hipster]
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Could Kyotofu and its killer cupcake be expanding with a space downtown? [Eater]
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Sin City director Robert Rodriguez also makes cooking videos like this one, in which he demonstrates how to prepare breakfast tacos. [Cakehead]

Frank Bruni’s on vacation until September 19, but he had time to interview Maya chef Richard Sandoval. [Diner’s Journal/NYT]

The Fall Preview of previews recommends the San Gennaro festival for first dates — maybe you should buy your girl a “Blow Me I’m Italian” tee. [NYDN]

Breast-feeding women surrounded Applebee’s locations nationwide on Saturday to protest the chain’s policy against mothers’ showing their teats at table. [East Valley Tribune]

Olives the Nightclub? Bring On an International Box